Carrousel Pumps
  • commercial coating
  • grouting
  • underlayment
  • fireproofing
  • marine
  • artificial rock and landscaping
  • custom


The Quikspray® Carrousel™ Pump spraying system uses one of the pictured sprayguns.

The multi-airjet guns were designed for fibered or heavy aggregates used in grouts, stucco, plaster and  industrial coatings.  Several models of the multi-airjet gun are available with changeable orifices for controling spray pattern and to minimize wear of the nozzle.

The single-airjet guns also have changeable orifices for spray pattern control and atomization control of the overall texture.  These guns are designed for fine atomization (required in waterproofing and some aesthetic coatings coatings) and lighter materials like fireproofing or acoustics.  Single-airjet guns require considerably less volume of air for atomization, but will pass less material for a reduced flow.

Tom in a coal mine, double picture.jpg
The composite photo is showing the company's founding father spraying Shurewall (GFSBC) in
an underground coal mine application for erosion control with an 8-airjet (no orifice) Quikspray polegun.

Building a simple artificial rock with a Carrousel Pump and an 8-Airjet Polegun with a Stainless Steel nozzle.


Shotcrete 7.jpg